ROOOOM Service- und Generalagentur is taking care of the largest language area of Europe. More than 100 million potential, German speaking customers want to be informed and animated to purchase and satisfied. By the social and spatial disparities within the region this is a task that can only be met with sensitivity. For more than 10 years, we perform this task with annual growth to the satisfaction of our manufacturers.

The owner and founder of the commercial agency, Andreas Barner, is working since almost 25 years as an independent sales representative for lighting, interiors and accessories. The entry into the profession was initiated through the acquisition of representations of LEOLA and ARTE LUMEN in the 90s.

With rarely changing partner of the manufacturing side ROOOOM slowly developed to a known size of the industry in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. The agency focus has evolved in the recent years without fault of their own towards the light, a segment where you can provide extensive experience and expertise in evidence today.

Today, in 2013, we represent MILAN ILUMINACION for 12 years, BOVER ILUMINACION for 9 years and SHADES AND DECORATIONS for 4 years and look forward to future success in recent years with these partners.

New collections from the segment of LED lighting, lighting control systems for residential or commercial application by app and also the interior design collections are welcomes as future partners. Please contact Andreas Barner.